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uma iso

hello, i'm uma.

Welcome! I'm on a mission to help people SAY GOODBYE to anxiety, stress and worry for good. I help my clients de-stress and find the sweet spot of life. Are you ready to reclaim your freedom, health and joy? I can show you how. 

What is mind-body coaching?

Mind-body coaching was born out of a growing need to heal chronic symptoms like anxiety, depression and insomnia. Our nervous system can go into hypervigilance  after trauma, and often the result is chronic anxiety and over-worry. The good news is that we humans are resilient. Our brain can be rewired by doing neurosensory exercises. Isn’t that amazing?

Mind-body coaching is based on cutting edge research, which shows us that the vagus nerve can be stimulated to develop better strategies for healing from stressors. I also use ancient practices to help my clients get out of their head and back to the present. For example the Buddhist practice of nonresistance is a powerful way to dissolve anxiety.

The real gem of mind-body coaching is that it helps you access your body wisdom (intuition) which knows EXACTLY the right path forward for you. How? By learning how to listen to our four advisors: our mind, our body, our emotions and our intuition.



There’s a Buddhist phrase called “monkey mind”: it’s the never-ending parade of thoughts marching through your head. The overstimulation and pace of modern life combined with monkey mind is a recipe for disaster. In mind-body coaching, we learn how to observe thoughts and work with them in a way that serves our higher self. Peace of mind is a beautiful thing. Learn more >>



Grief, anger and fear can be so “big” that we numb ourselves with everything from overwork to addictions to holding our breath. But suppressing emotion saps energy, and over time we end up with physical symptoms like pain. In mind-body coaching, we learn how to make intense emotions safe and workable. When we embrace feelings instead of suppressing them, health and joy return. Learn more >>



In the Four Agreements, Miguel Ruiz writes: “Go inside and listen to your body. Because your body will never lie to you.” The body has an innate intelligence that is always guiding us to our highest good. Unfortunately stress and trauma creates mind-body dissociation. Through coaching, we learn to reconnect with the intelligence of the body. In this way, past traumas can be released and wellness is restored. Learn more >>



Hearing the voice of intuition is the true reward of mind-body coaching; although physical and emotional healing are welcome side effects! Your intuition is always speaking to you. Are you listening? If you’re overwhelmed, exhausted or sick – take note. Your discomfort is calling for something new and extraordinary to take shape in your life. Let’s find out what it is.
Learn more >>

“You do not have to be good.

You do not have to walk on your knees

For a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.

You only have to let the soft animal of your body

love what it loves.”

~ From "Wild Geese" by Mary Oliver

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