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Please don’t calm the f*ck down

I’m all fired up. Someone recently showed me a book called Calm the F*CK Down: how to control what you can and accept what you can’t so you can stop freaking out and get on with your life. A cold shiver ran down my spine, when I saw this yuck-o title: I’m all for cursing, but…

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The secret to a long, happy life

“If you ask what is the single most important key to longevity, I would have to say it is avoiding worry, stress and tension. And if you didn’t ask me, I’d still have to say it.” – George F. Burns Do you worry a lot? Does worry keep you stuck in the same old patterns of…

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The diamond and the dirt

I’ve noticed a troubling pattern of behavior lately. I’ve noticed it in clients, friends, and even myself.It’s a pattern of “doing tons of healing work”. Getting lots of energy healing and clearings. Spending hours on techniques and practices to change thoughts and heal chronic symptoms. Going to many different practitioners.Lots of “doing” energy. Lots of trying…

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10 reasons why I love being an empath

I love encouraging empaths to see their sensitivities as gifts! Compassion for others. Healing gifts. Intuition. Creativity. Spiritual experiences. Psychic abilities. Connection with mother nature. So I decided to make my own list of positive aspects. What’s an empath? My personal definition is this: empaths are more sensitive to energy than other people. And since…

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Making space for 2018

  Sugar cookies. Pumpkin pie. Peppermint hot chocolate everywhere. I’m stuffed. How about you? When I think of the holidays, I think of being full. And not just with food. There’s an excess of things to buy, parties to attend, cards to write. The house is literally filled up with family, gifts, decorations and food.…

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The Queen, the Masculine and the Little Girl

Today I’m sharing an interview with brilliant life coach Linda Katz, who helps women access their intuition and embrace their wild feminine energy. In the mind-body coaching world, we see the “self” in terms of these four aspects: the body, the mind, the emotions and intuition. It helps us to make sense of the complexity…

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How to receive

“There is a secret about human love that is commonly overlooked: Receiving it is much more scary and threatening than giving it.”  — John Welwood As a prayer chaplain, I’m available to pray with anyone at my Unity church who asks for prayer support. After one of our Sunday services, a young woman asked me…

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A bit about me

I believe that introductions are in order. I’m a mind-body coach based in Austin, Texas. Translation: I’m a trained life coach who uses mindfulness and body awareness techniques to help people heal from stress and discomfort. I’d like to tell you a little bit about how I got here and why I became a coach.…

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