how it works

I work with you over Zoom (video) so you can be anywhere in the world.

RESILIENT is my signature 1:1 coaching program for releasing fear and igniting intuition. I work with you over the course of 3 months, teaching you neuro-sensory exercises to relax your nervous system and tap into divine guidance. Each session is customized to your particular needs, your goals and we go at your pace. My clients learn to release toxic stress from their body and how to cultivate more ease and joy in their mind – and life.

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how is this different?

Mind-body coaching is completely different from other modalities.

How? The goal is to reconnect to the higher self in order to hear inner wisdom. This can be called intuition, soul, spirit, inner wisdom – whatever resonates with you. The higher self communicates through the physical body. So we learn how to use the visceral sensations of the body to steer us. The body is everything in mind-body coaching.


This approach is based on cutting edge neuroscience research, which tells us that the body is a treasure trove of valuable information that completely bypasses the conscious mind. The mind-body tools we use are largely based on the research of Peter Levine Ph.D., Dr. Stephen Porges and Dr. John Sarno.

analysis paralysis

Perhaps you’ve been to therapy, tried traditional life-coaching, yoga, meditation and other modalities. Chances are that you have read a lot of books and your mind is chock full of information about wellness.

So then why are you still stuck in the same patterns of physical and emotional symptoms?

The modalities mentioned above rely heavily on the mind. They are often useful - I have personally benefited from all of them. But core-level transformation required awareness of more than just the mind. This is where we find that somatic awareness is crucial.

Even practices like yoga and breathwork, which technically use the body, are often taught in such a way that the subtle signals of the innate body are squashed. It is the difference between talking over someone and listening to them with compassion.

When we navigate life from the only place we know how – the mind – there is an endless looping of mental analysis and paralysis that can not give us the answers we seek. For the millions of people who suffer from anxiety, depression, apathy and chronic physical symptoms – this strategy has failed spectacularly.


How do you know when you’re with someone you can trust? You know because your body gives you a “green light” signal. Intuition speaks through the body. It is a knowing beyond the mind.

When it comes to navigating relationships, making big decisions like which job to take or how to run your business – if you learn the language of the body, you will always have the answers you need. “Gut instinct” is a literal term.

Your body doesn’t lie. It is the best GPS you have.

Unfortunately most of us are dissociated from the felt-sense of our bodies. Due to stress and trauma, our visceral sensations of being “in the body” are diminished. There is a severing of the mind-body connection that happens when our safety is threatened. If the threat is bad enough or happens often enough, we will dissociate from the body.

the healing path

The good news is that healing is as simple as re-learning embodiment.

In mind-body coaching, we feel our feet, our breath, our tension, our discomfort, our comfort, our emotions. This process of re-connecting doesn’t happen overnight, but it happens. It’s like undoing a giant knot – the knot unravels bit by bit. And then life begins to transform in magical ways. There is a sense of coming home to oneself.

We go gently, especially when past trauma is involved. When we encounter discomfort, we use tools to locate a sense of safety in the body. When it feels safe, the nervous system shifts out of fight/flight/freeze mode into “rest and digest” mode.

In this state, the body resumes repair, digestion, healing, reproduction, growth and other higher functions. We are re-wiring the nervous system and listening within for the voice of inner wisdom.


In mind-body coaching, we also work with the mind. You’ve probably heard the saying, “the mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master.” Nothing could be truer. As we make friends with the monkey mind, we use this tool to serve the higher self, instead of letting it cripple us with fear thoughts.

Speaking of fear, perfectionism is a particularly virulent strain of fear. Dr. Sarno found a cluster of personality traits common to his patients who suffered from chronic pain.

At the top of this list: perfectionism and people pleasing. He called this cluster of traits “goodism”.

When we chronically defer to others (or social norms) instead of navigating from our internal GPS, the body bears the brunt of this internal misalignment. Everything from fatigue to eating disorders to addiction can be seen as an urgent call to come home to Self.

In mind-body coaching, we work with the habitual patterns of the mind to dissolve the limiting beliefs that hold us back.

I am so grateful for Uma's work in the world. She guided me through beautiful exercises and questions that allowed me to deepen my connection to the divine within me.  ~ Laura

In my first session, Uma led me through a guided meditation that was relaxing and enlivening. I could literally feel every cell in my body alive and vibrating with life force energy at the same time that my mind was completely relaxed. Every session since has proven to be extremely powerful.  ~ Tammy

People with high anxiety would benefit a lot from this work. Learning about the Mind/Body principles allows us to find ways to ground ourselves and to bring our "monkey minds" back into the fold of our heart and body.  ~ Shannon

Uma is a gifted mind body coach. I was not sure how much I would get out of a remote session but signed up with Uma anyway because of her loving spirit. It felt like we were in the same room!  ~ Laura

The qualities I value most are the union of mind/body/spirit. Peace. Calm. Acceptance. Loving What is. I observed all of these qualities while working with Uma.  ~ Tammy

She approached the session as if she had all the time in the world to talk with me and answer my questions. I like to surround myself with genuine people and Uma is certainly genuine.  ~ Shannon

Anyone would benefit from learning Mind/Body techniques - especially people with physical pain and anyone who is living a hyper-driven, adrenalized lifestyle.  ~ Tammy

The body scan she walked me through was divine and I left our session feeling grounded and rested. I was surprised at how long that feeling of well being lasted beyond our session.  ~ Shannon