A custom 1:1 coaching program to release fear & overwhelm, cultivate radical self-love — and overflow with source energy.

You are destined to soar

It's written in the stars — and in your soul.

You are meant to shine. You know it. I know it. Isn't it time the world knew it?

The time has come to radiate love — for yourself and others. To feel self-assured, strong and confident. To get of your head (and stay out). To develop your powerful intuition. The time has come to stop playing small. And you can walk this path on your own. Or, you can do this the magic way — with a guide at your side every step of the way.

The right guide at the right time changes EVERYTHING. 

I can help you get there

Why this program?

RESILIENT is a revolutionary program for releasing FEAR, restoring JOY and cultivating INUITION. I'm a trained mind-body coach who uses neurosensory exercises and spiritual practices with my clients that target the root cause of their problems. That’s what makes this program different and powerful: we work to align all three levels: mind, body and spirit.

change is an inside job

If you've read a ton of spiritual books and attended workshops — but haven't seen big results yet, you're in the right place (knowledge alone won't get you there). 

If you've tried everything from meditation to therapy to head-based coaching — but haven't seen a major shift yet, you're in the right place.

My clients are brilliant, empathic, sensitive souls who know a LOT. But knowing and doing are two different things. Want to know how to cross that bridge from "knowing" to "doing"? That's where I come in!

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From surviving to thriving

Highly empathic people get tripped up by fear, overwhelm, indecision, self-doubt, self-criticism, people-pleasing, perfectionism and other painful roadblocks to joyful living.

Taking on other people's emotions is no fun. Feeling overwhelmed by your own anger, sadness and fear is no fun. Needing to hide out from the world to prevent from getting drained is no fun.

I call this "survival mode".

My superpower power is helping people switch out of survival and into "thrival".

It's time to stop playing small.

Thriving looks like many things: launching a coaching business. Deepening your intuition. Learning to love yourself unconditionally, no matter what. Getting rid of anxiety. Finishing your book.

What does thriving look like for you?

...And the time came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom

Anais Nin

introducing RESILIENT 1:1 coaching

you'll learn how to

  • Create healthy boundaries
  • Dissolve fear, stress & overwhelm
  • Befriend yourself
  • Deepen your intuition
  • Radiate self-confidence & self-love
  • Switch out of "survival mode" and become the creator of your life
  • Become so emotionally strong that any emotion is easy to handle (yours or someone else's)
  • Feel SAFE in the world and in your body
  • Overflow with light & Source energy
let's do this thing!


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what clients are saying


"This is the best thing I've ever done.

Before I started working with Uma, I was prone to fear, self-doubt and buffetted by other people’s emotions.

I just didn't feel like I fit in the world and I couldn't find my place. I was a self-development junkie -- but I was coming at it from a place of lack. And I was just so tired of thinking I had found the solution and then just going back to the same old ways of thinking.

Mind-body coaching with Uma has created a sense of calm deep within me. It's like a lost piece of a puzzle being found.

Something has been healed or some gap has been closed and now my energy is running smoother and more efficiently.

If you've wondered why the world effects you so much and just can't figure out why and what to do with it -- sign up with Uma and let her introduce you to the powerful mind-body connection."

- Kendall


"Before I worked with Uma, I was dealing with anxiety, feeling unsafe, dissociation, chronic stress and tension. What’s changed since then? EVERYTHING.


I no longer feel gripped by anxiety or consumed with worry WHICH IS AMAZING!!! I can even maintain this when I'm out in the world interacting with others.


I have a deeper and stronger connection to my inner wisdom and spirit guides 🙂


I'm able to be with my emotions and sensations in my body in a healthy manner instead of resisting or suppressing them as I did before. 


I feel so much more present in my life which brings more clarity, a sense of safety, self-trust and self-compassion.


Uma is incredible human being. She's warm, intuitive, charming and incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate.


If you’re considering working with Uma – DO IT! It's soooo worth it. It is a game-changer."

- Kerri


"For the first time, I have awareness, practice, and tools to constantly embody my energy which has massively calmed down my anger and anxiety that were really making my stomach have constant knots.


I am able to be aware of my triggers and stay embodied versus fly out which is bringing so much more peace and ease from this quiet underlying anxiety and irritation always there. So grateful to finally learn this!

Overall, it just feels like coming home. And that is priceless."

- Anna

This 3-month program includes:


four 1:1 sessions per month

4 private coaching sessions each month via Zoom or phone. Recordings included.


email support

Email support and guidance between 1:1 coaching sessions.


guided meditations

Guided meditations & visualizations to support you with stress relief, emotional wellness and whatever you need.

Custom coaching package

- Here's an example coaching package. Yours will be created specifically for your needs. -

Month 1

stress relief

Freedom from fear, overwhelm & worry

Get out of your head (and stay out)

Ground & protect your energy so you STOP absorbing other peoples feelings

Month 2

Emotional Mastery

Create healthy boundaries

Release your emotions without shutting down (or numbing out with food etc.)

Love yourself unconditionally, no matter what

Month 3


Connect with your soul wisdom (intuition)

Tell the difference between fear & intuition

Supercharge your life with creativity, magic & miracles

is this for me?

This is for you if

  • You suffer from overwhelm, toxic stress, worry, anxiety or self-doubt.
  • You're sensitive to energy — you tend to absorb other people's emotions.
  • You're not sure what it means to "love yourself" but you know it's the KEY to your healing & growth
  • You've tried meditation, therapy or head-based coaching but you're not getting the lasting results you want.
  • You're a people pleaser or a perfectionist.
  • You're deeply intuitive but you don't always trust your intuition.
  • You've read a million spiritual books and taken workshops but you're not seeing a major shift in your life.

This is definitely for you if

  • You're in survival mode
  • You're going through a major transition period
  • You're sick and TIRED of being in  the breakdown. You're ready for your breakthrough!
let's do this thing


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  • 3-month package


  • 6-month package


  • number of sessions per month


the word on the street


"I really enjoy being alive now. I've never felt that way before."

"Uma is outstanding. She's had top notch training and she knows how the nervous system works. She's better than some of the therapists I've worked with who specialize in trauma.

When we started working together, my anxiety and depression were debilitating. I was anxious and depressed. I lacked clarity in my life and the direction in which I desired to move.

After only 4 sessions with Uma, I felt about 70% better. I felt calmer about my life and much more excited about what I desire to do in the world!

I felt myself coming alive in a way that I've never felt before. Uma was gentle and loving in her approach. She always met me where I'm at and never forced me to move faster than my system wanted to move.

I am forever grateful that I worked with her and now have very effective tools to implement when I feel anxious and overwhelmed.

I'm extremely optimistic about my life, and I have the courage to go after my dreams. I wake up feeling excited about my day and what can happen. I feel so embodied and in love with myself and my process. I really enjoy being alive now. I've never felt that way before."

— Alyssa


"My anxiety level is so manageable now that I understand how to protect myself energetically.


No more dread of the grocery store lines and meeting strangers while digging deep with them💜💙💛💚 Namaste


I was able to shield myself while out and about with your spectacular visualizations that are powerful, yet simple (I had difficulty in the past with shielding myself and grounding without sneaking off to a quiet place and listening to a meditation or looking in my phone for my notes).

Thank you for being the healer you are Uma.


The techniques that you shared have set my soul free."

— Laurie


" I love this gifted woman and would do it all over again!


If you've had lots of therapy like me and like me have taken every possible course and read lots of books to try and heal whatever it is you've been trying to heal from and are still suffering and think nothing else will work - I would encourage you or anyone to experience Uma's coaching sessions.  Each session has been worth it's weight in gold for me. 


Uma has an incredible gift. I had coaching sessions with her over the course of a year and I now have more precise and incredibly relevant and EFFECTIVE tools for my tool belt than the talk therapy I've done in the last few years with my "resident" therapist - and I have a good therapist.   

Her approach was crystal clear to me and her timing impeccable.  During one session, a pretty traumatic experience from long ago came up for me.  She was able to hold a gentle, supportive, and sacred space for me so I was able to experience and move through my feelings via her coaching techniques of grounding and learning how to stay "in" my body until the sensations subsided. 

It is such a relief, mentally, to know now, when something else comes up, that I have this amazing tool to help me through.  She's got this ability to simplify things that I tend to complicate.

We also addressed my social anxiety with some really good exercises to use in social settings that has helped tremendously."  

— Stephanie

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uma sanghvi

spirituality coach & mentor

Hello! I'm Uma.

After years of suffering from fear, overwhelm, perfectionism and people-pleasing, everything changed for the better. With the help of mind-body-spirit practices, I released stress and became more relaxed, healthy and intuitive. Healing my nervous system is an ongoing process and I’m still learning every single day. But HOLY WOW is life better these days!

I'm a highly sensitive empath and can feel energy. I have a strong connection to the spiritual realm. Life through my eyes is colorful, intense and I find myself in a state of awe often. I'm delighted by beauty everywhere.

I'm cultivating my intuition in even stronger ways to help myself and my clients heal, thrive and receive joy.

Prefers dark chocolate
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