give yourself the gift of a

Wellness session

Is this you?

Feeling overwhelmed

Weighed down by stress

Worrying too much

Then this 90-minute wellness session is tailor made for you.

wellness session details....

In this customized 90-minute session, I'll coach you using neurosensory exercises to relax your nervous system. Guided visualizations, grounding techniques and other mind-body tools will help calm your mind, release tension and tap into the wisdom of your body.

You'll walk away refreshed, with deeper self-compassion and more clarity.

Consider this a gift for your body, mind, and soul.


Step One

Let's chat. Get me up to speed on what's stressing you out. What are your goals for this session?


Step Two

Guided neurosensory exercises. We'll get your mind and body feeling more peaceful and open.


Step Three

It's easier to access intuition when you're relaxed. We'll tap into your inner wisdom and see if there's a message about self-care for you.


Investment: $115

Questions? Please email me at

uma sanghvi

mind-body coach

Hello! I'm Uma.

After years of suffering from anxiety, perfectionism and fear, everything changed – for the better. With the help of mind-body coaching, I used trauma-informed somatic practices to become a happier and freer human being. Healing my nervous system is an ongoing process and I’m still learning every single day. But HOLY WOW is life better these days!

I'm intuitive and I can feel energy. I have a strong connection to the spiritual realm. Life through my eyes is colorful, intense and I find myself in a state of awe often. I'm delighted by beauty everywhere.

These days I'm cultivating my intuition in even stronger ways to help myself and my clients heal, thrive and receive joy.


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