How to live a life of magic & ease

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By Uma Sanghvi

Uma Sanghvi helps people release fear & anxiety, connect with their Higher Self wisdom and live a radiant life of rest and joy.

A few weeks ago, wonderful life coach Lori Lander interviewed me for the Wholehearted Woman Summit 2020 on one of my favorite topics: Ending the addiction to struggle: How to live a life of magic & ease.

Here is the interview:


In case you missed the interview the first time around, here it is again.

We talked about:

  • 3 reasons we’re addicted to struggle (and how to break the cycle)
  • How to tap into magic & ease
  • What it means to me to be “wholehearted”
  • Hermione Granger
  • Much, much more!

Of all the interviews I’ve done, this one is easily my favorite. (Maybe I’m starting to get the hang of it? Who knows)

I got to talk about the nervous system, intuition, Harry Potter and more of my favorite things! The interview is available (again) for a limited time only. Check it out here.


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