The Gift of Anger

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By Uma Sanghvi

Uma Sanghvi helps people release fear & anxiety, connect with their Higher Self wisdom and live a radiant life of rest and joy.

I promise that you will NOT think about anger the same way after you watch this interview.

Anger is a big, powerful emotion.

We let it spill over. We fear it. Bypass it. Pretend it isn’t there.

We keep calm and carry on.

In truth, anger is wisdom.

Anger serves a beautiful purpose – to protect and restore us.

Today I’m talking about the TREMENDOUS gift of anger with women’s health coach Lorraine Faehndrich. Lorraine works with women who have pelvic pain, vulvodynia, interstitial cystitis and sexual pain.

I LOVE the way she talks about anger, with great clarity and compassion.

Lorraine shared with me a simple yet powerful guided exercise for working with anger in the moment [19:00].

So now we have a practical, useful tool to work with this big emotion in the moment. How awesome is that? I highly encourage you to put this tool to good use.

Bring any anger, irritation or frustration that might be present within you to the forefront as you watch this video.

You may just experience something surprising…

Check out these highlights:

  • [1:30] We have not-so-nice names for women who welcome anger into their lives
  • [2:00] Anger is life force energy
  • [3:35] Suppressing anger can sound like this: “I’m happy, I’m fine! I just have this awful pain…”
  • [7:00] Why paying more attention to irritation and frustration is a GOOD thing
  • [9:55] In the spiritual world, people tell us that “anger hurts you.”
  • [11:10] This simple guided meditation is GREAT for working with your anger in the moment
  • [19:00] Ask your anger this question: What needs to be protected?
  • [23:00] “I was the angry one in my family. I was expressing all the time without feeling it.”
  • [25:00] How suppressing anger leads to chronic fatigue, depression, chronic pain, anxiety.
  • [26:00] Free flowing anger can lead to more sexual energy. “It feels like being turned on to life.”

And my favorite….

  • [28:00] “It was earth-shattering for me!” How an argument with her mother over washing dishes led to a huge a-ha moment.

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For more information, please visit Lorraine’s website. You can find her blog here.

And please sign up for her free newsletter here.

Thank you for tuning in!

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If I were to personify anger, I would describe it as a mix between a stalwart castle sentry and an ancient sage. Anger sets your boundaries by walking the perimeter of your soul and keeping an eye on you, the people around you, and your environment.

Karla McLaren, The Language of Emotions

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