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Archive for July 2018

The Gift of Anger

I promise that you will NOT think about anger the same way after you watch this interview. Anger is a big, powerful emotion. We let it spill over. We fear it. Bypass it. Pretend it isn’t there. We keep calm and carry on. In truth, anger is wisdom. Anger serves a beautiful purpose – to…

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A conversation with mind-body coach Nikki Sargent

Coaches need coaching too 🙂 And Nikki Sargent is MY mind-body coach. She has compassion for me when I forget to have compassion for myself. She holds space for me to have emotions. To feel anxious. To feel angry. To feel scared. To be uncomfortable. To be human. Having a compassionate guide to turn to…

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If it feels good, it is good

Consider this idea: your body is wiser than your mind. Intuition is expressed through your body. By honoring the desires of your body, you’re listening to your intuition and honoring your higher wisdom. If something feels good to your body, then it IS good. Why is the idea that if something feels good, it is…

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The Magic of London

I love magic. Last week, I went to London to see the Harry Potter sets. The majority of the scenes from the eight movies were filmed at the Warner Brothers Studio just outside of London. That was my #1 and only reason to go. Yes, I had heard that London is a fantastic city in it’s own…

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The difference between harmful and uncomfortable

Sometimes, discomfort and harm go together. For example, putting your hand on a hot stove is both painful and dangerous. But other times, discomfort does not signal of danger. For example, writing a book, asking someone out on a date and running a marathon are all activities that may cause discomfort. But that doesn’t necessarily…

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